About us

Our Story

“Via Calzabigi” is a project launched by Xool, incubator of ideas that over the past few years has founded several successful digital companies such as Wickedin, Urbanpost and Biancolavoro.

Alessandro Cirinei, Xool’s CEO as well as serial start-upper and ex manager in several well known online companies, was determined to start up an ecommerce business using a subscriptions model with the idea to control the production process to sell innovative consumable items. Products that could actually have real competitive advantages from being “made in Italy”. Thanks to Xool’s long ecommerce experience and to the capability to use the potentialities of the social network at their best, Alessandro wanted to find a stylish product in a market with a low competition rate.

Once it was decided to focus on socks, Alessandro contacted his mate Massimo Ferrara. Project Manager, designer and stylist with previous experiences in the clothing industry, Massimo was immediately fascinated by the project and did not hesitate to take on the challenge. The socks have been created after an accurate analysis on a global level and after having appraised the target audience and the market trends. To do that, Alessandro and Massimo have involved a team of fashion bloggers and a lot of data have been collected through Facebook and Instagram. Everything else relied on the Massimo’s creativity and to the craft skills of our manufacturers.

Our sales model is strongly associated with our goal to create a community of sock fans. People that love the true “made in Italy” style which want to share their experience with others. “Via Calzabigi” is a global brand that, for the time being, focuses mainly on men but also includes Unisex socks.

How it Works

Our aim is to have an international presence with a multi-channel strategy.
We design and make awesome funky socks and we concentrate all our efforts in creating extraordinary products to surprise our customers with the geometries of our patterns and with high quality yarns.

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To let yourself be tempted or to make an oustanding and stylish present to your friends, you can buy our socks separately in our online shop.


For those who decide to be loyal to become true Sockaholics. You can get our socks right at your door or use your subscription to make amazing gifts.


Our socks are distributed to boutiques for those who prefer to touch and feel the freshness of our yarns and examine our range of designs and models.


We create custom socks for companies and organizations who are looking for innovative branding supports or awesome corporate gifts.

The Team

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Alessandro Cirinei

Chief Executive Officer

Massimo Ferrara

Chief Design Officer

Gabriella Mazzanti

PR Manager

Irene Nardi

Web Designer

Ilaria Apolloni

Logistic Manager


We want to make trendy socks with a unique style with nails maneuvered by the best Italian artisans. Our products have been created after an in-depth global market research with a view to design top quality socks, using traditional sock-making technques with first-rate fabrics. To design Via Calzabigi socks we strived to couple elegance with eccentricity, exclusivity of the style with innovation. We want our socks to transmit vibrations to allow people to enjoy selecting the socks to wear on a daily basis. We would like people not to think too much about how to match their socks with the rest of their clothing. Conversely, we strongly believe that style should actually start from the selection of the socks.


After a careful selection we set up a solid partnership with a few Italian socks manufacturers which can ensure quality and acceptable production timing in line with our needs.

Our creative division is totally integrated with the production process and, when we design our socks, we are fully aware of the technical constraints and the characteristics of the yarns blend.

Production is a very important moment which we follow with great attention. We use 220 nails machines followed by technical experts with years of experience in this business.

We assist during the ironining stage and we handle quality control at the production plant.


We do our best to offer a fantastic “customer experience” ensuring punctual shipments.

Additionally, we make sure that our clients always get answers to their questions providing an effective customer service and we try to communicate and interact with sock lovers who decide to be part of our community with a view to improving what we do.

Finally, we manage all aspects of the packaging and the product presentation.

We are committed to take care of all details to achieve the loyalty of our clients. Particularly, we care about the importance of the moment in which our customers open up our pack to finally wear a fresh pair of Via Calzabigi socks.