Via Calzabigi is a social company and we decided to give support to Oxfam Italy, one the major global organizations fighting poverty. We shared with them the vision that the every one of us should so something to improve the world we are living in and we identified four specific causes to take action.

  • Each time a customer purchases a pair of socks, we will donate 1 euro to the associated cause.
  • If you join our VIP club, we will donate three euros no matter how long you stay subscribed.
  • We will donate three euros for every 12 box bought by boutiques


Women and girls form the majority of those living in poverty. Achieving gender justice is a matter of basic rights and also a key means of addressing poverty. The world only gets better as women expand their role as political, economic, family and social leaders. The cost of excluding women is well recognized. Yet women bear the biggest burden of poverty, and most people living in poverty are women. We work to advance women’s wellbeing and increase the benefits of the contributions that women and girls can make to societies and economies. The untapped contribution of women is a priority that we are working to correct by supporting organizations that focus on gender equality, legal reform, and ending violence against women. We put women’s rights at the heart of everything we do.


Oxfam works with youth to create employment opportunities, develop skills, promote innovation and support entrepreneurs. We are working jointly with youth to challenge barriers that prevent them from enjoying their rights, participating fully in society and being an effective voice in decision-making processes. Oxfam focuses on empowering youth for employment through: improved vocational training; increasing employment opportunities via the development of small and medium enterprises; building the number of youth entrepreneurs; and removing the barriers that face marginalized young women.


Around the globe, Oxfam works to find practical, innovative ways for people to lift themselves out of poverty and thrive. By supporting schools, to helping farmers sell their crops for a fair price, to improving access to people with HIV/AIDS to health care – our long-term development projects are transforming lives.We work with communities to tackle the causes of poverty by a combination of hands on know-how, financial investment and education. We give people a voice to speak out against the laws, actions and policies that keep them in poverty. This is how we create lasting change. You wear a trendy pair of Socks and we donate! If you buy our socks through the website you will always receive an e-card from Oxfam Italy which confirms the donation. Just a little help to defeat poverty and make sure we do not forget people who are less lucky than us.


When conflict and disaster strike, Oxfam responds with life-saving support, and helps people to rebuild their livelihoods. At any given time, we are responding to over 30 emergency situations, giving life-saving support to those most in need. We deliver high quality humanitarian aid, speedily and extensively. Our water engineers and public health specialists are known internationally for their speed and efficiency in delivering water supplies and essential sanitation facilities, even in the most difficult circumstances. We work with governments, local organizations and communities so that they are ready to respond in emergencies, and able to cope when crisis hits – including to prepare for the effects of climate change, with the increased incidence of droughts, floods and extreme weather. A big part of our humanitarian work is campaigning to strengthen international humanitarian law, tighten arms trade regulation, and improve assistance to fragile states.